Sep 4, 2007

if you were me...

and thank your lucky stars that you ain't, but if you were...what would you do here?

like you may know, i play bunco each month. on Tuesdays. once a month.


i found a class to learn Photoshop. for free.

zip. nada. nuttin'.

only problem: it's every Tuesday night.

so i make a commitment to bunco, and i feel bound to it. but i also know that if the worst should ever happen, and my job and i part ways, well, bunco ain't a-gonna be paying my bills.

but hey - if i learn photoshop, then InDesign, those skills could get me a job.

so if it were you...would you blow off bunco?
help a sister out, 'K?


Anonymous said...

hmmm, well, I think I'd have to talk honestly to the Bunco girls and tell them your situation and ask them what they think you should do or do what you know in your mind is right, not your heart!


elle said...

Move your bunco fun to the location of the free photoshop fun then you could DOUBLE your fun?

and Holy Guacamole Batgirl I just saw that cool Neo counter and I need to get me one of those thingamajiggers!

Art said...

Bunco??? Bunco is important stuff! Marketable computer skills are a dime a dozen but a good Bunco player is hard to find. Come to think of it, a bad Bunco player is hard to find too... but never mind that. I'd stick with Bunco. 'sides, you can always fake your Photoshop skills;)

doodlebugmom said...

How many Tuesdays is PS? Forever? Would your friends be pist if you ducked out? Could Bunco be swiutched to another night? If I were you, I would see if I could find a bunco sub. It would be hard to pass up photoshop.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I agree with doodlebugmom, find a replacement and take Photoshop! Now I know you must be shocked that I actually wrote a comment, but I feel so compelled to comment, I had to break routine and actually participate! GO FOR PHOTOSHOP, then you could practice your new talent by teaching me!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

As a Bunco Babe myself I'd have to say that I couldn't make that choice. Hmmm.....learning something or stuffing my face and drinking with my posse? I don't know. Glad I don't have to make the choice.

Love your blog by the way.

Steff said...

Well, is it every Tuesday for months on end? If not, I'd find a sub for myself on Bunco night (I'm a Bunco player too!) and get some new brain wrinkles!

Do what feels right for you. :)

Melissa said...

I agree with Linda - see if you can move it to another night, or find a temp. Call a Kelly Girl!

Pat said...

Tough choice - all I can say is that I sure would love to find a free PS class somewhere!

Susie Q said...

I so agree...see if they will change nights or get a temp. I used to be a temp for Bunco (A highly marketable skill in which I was in great demand. Or not)
and would LOVE to be your temp for awhile...I could fly out there every week...okay. So I can't really and now I am depressed.

Dang, I remember not having A/C in our San Diego apartment. It was a great place, brand new and just perfect. 'Cept for that. Why? 'Cause it really never gets humid or hot enuff to need one. That Summer it was 100 22 days in a row.

Whoa. I think it is way cool about Brendon and the flying gig. I harbor that as a secret desire but will never be brave enuff to actually do it!

Love ya,

Jolene George said...

Bunco is fun, but most bunco groups have a great alternate list of women who would love to be a regular instead of a substitute...look into that.
Oh how I would love to learn photoshop...especially for free.

ScrapAddictNV said...

I had fun when I played Bunco, but I think I would have to take Photoshop over Bunco. I'd almost kill or mame for free Photoshop lessons. I even have a book to teach me, and so far nada, nothing - of course it could be cause I haven't opened it. I also have all these free Actions I d/l that I want to use. But I want more, more, more - just like any scrapper! Guess that's why I have Photoshop 7 (pro version) PSE 4 & 5 and CS2. I'm a photoshop junkie and I don't even know what I'm doing! If you feel compelled can you help a sista out?