Sep 21, 2007

how old am i again?

'cuz right now i'm back to my 15 year old, Shaun Cassidy/Donny Osmond loving, earth-shoe & Dittos wearing, Tiger Beat reading self.
man. i am not right.


Allison said...

So... I went to high school with a guy who pretty much looks just like him. Annnnnnd... he goes to my college now. :D

Jeff said...

You are older not dead there lady. Besides, what would we be without our dirty minds?

elle said...

MMMMMMM Shaun Cassidy. When I was ten replaced his older brother David in the number one spot on the "love of my life" list, a position David had held for 5 years.
Shaun didn't last long. I spotted Mark Harmon in some helicopter rescue type show he did for a season before his Flamingo Road days.
Mark still ranks well, but the Georges lead the way. Clooney and Eads.

Ironically Kat loves Mark Harmon too and watches his show each week and never fails to pronounce him "really hot......for an old guy!"

Steff said...

You know what they say...age is just a number!

Susie Q said...

Wow, like I am only really 16 myself you know. I still read TB and oh wow is Zac really cute. He is hot. Now who is this Donny you talk about?
He must be really old and because I am not old, I would not know him. Is he as cute as that old guy that some old ladies used to like, Bobby Sherman?


Not me.

Love ya,

Kenny said...

I LURVED my earth shoes! Wish they still made those. Or do they?

Anonymous said...

OMG, I thought it was only me. Like I said that day we went to go see it ... I must just be a horny OLD woman!

BTW, I took Meghen to see Hairspray on Saturday and she LOVED it, although she still insists that Zac isn't cute.

WTH does she know!


Kari said...

Aaaahhh, Shaun Cassidy and Donny Osmond. *sigh* Tiger Beat magazine. *double sigh* Earth shoes? I didn't get any of those. My sister did. And I couldn't wear her big ol' honkin' shoes because she had feet 2 sizes bigger than mine. Therefore, I was dressed like a geek. I've never forgiven either my parents OR my sister for depriving me of the coolest freakin' shoes on the planet (pun sort of intended). Thanks for bringing back this particular painful memory. I'll not forget it was YOU who has made me weep anew at the shame of it all.

P.S. Found your blog via Susie Q. You're every big as wonderful as she said!