Sep 24, 2007

it's an obsession.

i believe i have already established that i am, shall we say, different.

as a kid, i lived for horror flicks.

now, not so much.

but as a kid, one of my worst experienced happened while watching "Carrie" on TV. edited up the wazoo, mostly because this was in the days before cable, before dish, before HBO or even ONTV (remember that?).

and, as always, i watched it with all the lights off.

so at the very end, when Carrie's hand reached up through the grave and grabbed the other girl by the arm, i dang near peed my pants.

and of course, i did the logical thing. i headed in the kitchen, grabbed the biggest knife we had, and, slowly walking through the house, turned on every.bloody.light.

we lived in a big house.

after i got them all on, i sat down again to calm myself watching the news. and the minute my bum touched the chair...

the phone rang.

there could still be the poo stain on the chair i was sitting in, as well as a dent in the ceiling, shaped like me.

fast forward some 30 years.

last year, during a Showtime preview, i watched Dexter, a show about a serial killer who now works for the police department as a forensic expert on blood splatter.

and, in his spare time, kills people. bad people.

dude is almost charming.

at Blockbuster yesterday, i picked up the first disc of season one.

then proceeded to watch all four hours yesterday afternoon.

and spent most of today obsessing on when i could watch the rest of it. so, on the way home from work today, i picked up the remaining discs. currently i'm half way through disc number two.

it's really a good show. nothing gory...which is good. a few more eff-bombs than even i like. but i'm am completely obsessed with it right now. i'm even willing to shell out more cash so we can get Showtime and i can watch season two, when it starts in a few weeks. inner kid. still in there. still hanging out and occasionally takes over. right now, she's still in love with Donny Osmond. occasionally longs for cherry Slurpees, bubble gum. and Halloween Haunt.

watching obsessions of charming serial killer on TV.


Pat said...

Funny how people can actually enjoy being scared out of their wits - me, I like my scary to be funny so I can still sleep at night!

Kenny said...

I've heard this was a really good show. Unfortunately we don't get FX so I'll have to resort to maybe netflixing some DVDs. And the poop-stained chair/dented ceiling story is HEElarious! You made my day.

katarinasmama said...

Okay...I totally understand the Donny Osmond thing...he still looks pretty good...nice to have a teenage idol that doesn't age badly...but I can't share the horror flick thing...The Shining scared me to death...never been the same...but I love your's to Carrie-loving strong women everywhere!