Sep 13, 2007

my happy place.

what is it the mattress merchants are always saying? that we spend a third of our lives in bed.

sleeping, if we're lucky.
at any rate, for those of us who work outside the home, i gotta think we spend that much time at least at our offices.


so let's see...8 hours a day, five days a week, 52 weeks a year, minus time for vacation and illness, carry the four and divide by the square root of 12, and you get...

ah fergettit. i suck at math anyway.

so i figure, if i'm spending that much time there, i so need to have things that are important to me and things that make me feel better about the crappy days i'm having lately.

so come with me to the home-away-from-home-happy-place.

ah, happy snaps. where would we be without 'em? and that lovely old fashioned photo of a woman with a glass of vino? that would be a greeting card. the caption?? ''if drinks aren't involved, neither am i.''
just one more reason why my mom thinks...oh, never mind.

see that? that rock that looks like candy corn? that's because it's a stone that looks like candy corn. my favorite candy of all time. my dear friend picked that up for me on her last vacation. and yes, that's Secret Squirrel right above it with Magella Gorilla. next to him is Marvin the Martian (are you seeing a trend here?) and next to that is one of my favorite toys. don't remember what they were called, but they all had roller skates. i would take my cousin's discarded Hot Wheel tracks, put 'em together, then roll 'em down the hill. just to see how often i could make 'em crash and burn.

and yes, that is the Oscar Mayer Hot Wheel Weinermobile. the photo is the Husband on our wedding day being smooched by my bridesmaids. next to that, one of my two favorite quotes: 'talk doesn't cook rice.' my other favorite work quote? 'out of confusion comes kaos. out of kaos comes anarchy and fear. then comes lunch.'

amen that.
moving on our little tour....

so...are you a good witch, or a bad witch? honey, if you have to ask the question...and right behind Glinda's hat? that would be Garth Brooks autograph. yep. i met him backstage at the Tonight Show. yep, yep, yep, yep. i'm a big shot...hobnobbing with celebrities.

the last stop on our little tour is this clipboard. one of my favorite pictures of the Husband nabbing a runaway niece at Seal Beach pier. and yes, that IS a spinal column keychain next to it. one of my work friends gave that to me when i came back from back surgery. dang thing still makes me laugh, but generally grosses everyone else out. heck, i even marked the problem disc with a Sharpie. well, i think we all know i'm not right.

well, that concludes the self-guided tour. thanks for coming by and please deposit your headsets in the basket on your way out. oh, and if you're interested, the gift shop is just to the left of the exit...right next to the ATM machine.

convenient, huh?


skrpndiva said...

I HAVE THAT SPINE! I used to work for a chiropractor and we gave them away! OMG. Separated. Birth. I'm telling ya!

Thanks for the tour. I feel like I know you so much better now. I'm guessing that you have this thing for cartoon characters.


doodlebugmom said...

Wow! Loved the office tour. Now I can honestly say: I have seen everything! :o)

Your desk has a lot of personality, mine mostly has spiders.

Pat said...

So enjoyed the tour - funny, I was just looking at those witch hat S&P shakers on the web last night!

smileymamaT said...

I loved those photos!!! A person's desk just says so much about them (eesh you're right we do spend a LOT of time ther). Mine's got sticky notes in a letter T and a little heart pillow that hangs and a big pen wrapped with silk flowers, etc etc, hey, we have to surround ourselves with SOME happy stuff! ....You met Garth Brooks? Cool.

Melissa said...

I have a big picture frame above my desk, mostly filled with pictures of AM. It helps me calm down when I'm on a deadline!