Sep 29, 2007

still here. still breathing. still crabby. still random.

ah, Gentle Reader, what a week.

things are weird around here - at work, at home at everywhere.

then i realized there was a full moon this week.

coincidence? i think not.

the Haunt has started...and last night the wind blew just right so i could hear their screaming.
it's weird to write that. probably just as weird to read.
"um, yeah - i heard the screaming, but just figured it was, y'know, none of my business."
one of the cool things about living so close to Knotts, is, early in the morning, when everything is so quiet, we can hear their train as they warm it up.

nothing has more memory stirring power than the song of a train whistle. it can signal welcome. goodbye. and the beginning of a million country songs.

the train reminds me of dating. weird? come on - you should now my tangents by now.

when the Husband and i started dating, he lived in La Mesa, in San Diego county, near San Diego State University. nice - especially when you consider that is where he graduated.
eventually he moved to the northern part of the country in a urban/rural town. it was close to Oceanside, the closest town to the Marine base Pendleton, which was also home to a huge train station.

then i found the commuter train went from the OC to Oceanside. after that, every Friday while a ton of businessmen...and women...were on their way home, checking their briefcases and laptops, finishing up work, i had my dufflebag, backpack and 'In Style' magazine, going to see my boyfriend.

ah, precious memories.

one of the best things i remember about those trips (besides the excitement of seeing my sweetie again) was the landscapes. the route eventually went out near the ocean - so i had coastal views before it turned slightly inland. one trip though, the train slowed down on a section of track where we usually would speed up.

there was a herd of sheep, meandering across the track.
sheesh. like they owned the place.

it was an amazing sight...especially for the uber urban chicky here.

and one of these days, i'm gonna make him take the train with me back down there. and with any luck, there will be more sheep.

in other news...
quotes. scrappers love 'em. they're usually inspirational, occasionally poignant.
my latest favorite is neither inspirational or poignant. and it comes from a magnet.

after all, isn't that where most of the great philosophies of the nation come from?

this one came from Alcatraz. yes, that Alcatraz. it comes from their Rules & Regulations for the prisoners.
"You are entitled to food, water and medical attention. Anything else is considered a privilege."

Paris? Lindsay? Britney? y'all paying attention?

maybe what i should do is head up to San Francisco, take the tour again and get a few of 'em. i could send them to those chickies.

but they probably wouldn't get it.
and i'm pretty sure Brit or Paris couldn't pronounce privilege.


Melissa said...

I've always wanted to take a train somewhere. The closest I've gotten is the one that goes up the mountain at Dollywood, where you are treated to a "train robbery."

I don't know if they can pronounce "privilege" but half the time, I can't spell it!

Susie Q said...

Trains are the perfect way to travel. We used to take them from the upstate NY city where we were stationed to NYC and I loved it. In Europe we rode the rails and it was fantastic. I wish we had access to more of that these days here.

I loved reading this...I imagine Britney saying it more like Elmer Fudd would have...Pwiv wige...don't know why. Just do.

Love and hugs,

Oh, did you get more readers lately? I listed you on my blog, in a recent post, as one of the places I love best...: )

Susie Q said...

Oh and I LOVE the magnet. That is what Bill always told Dan...: )

Love ya.