Sep 9, 2007

come Saturday morning...

growing up, my favorite day of the week was Saturday. Saturdays as a kid, for me anyway, involved cartoons, cartoons and more cartoons. oh, and liberal bowls of Lucky Charms, Sugar Corn Pops or Pink Panther Flakes...which were nothing more than Frosted Flakes, frosted pink.

and while i liked Sundays, it did make for a long, long morning with Sunday School and church..that i really was too young to be expected to sit through without wiggling myself into a furor.

lately, though...Sundays are becoming my favorite day.

it's the silence.

i know i've talked about it before here. but this place we live, urban as it is, has a totally different vibe on early Sunday mornings. i'm reminded of it again, today.

it's been a long time since i woke up before my Husband. i totally dig my own time. i love listening to...nothing. just sitting here - me, the cat and the laptop.

occasionally i hear a car drive by. but that's it. the occasional bird chirping. no kids. no neighbors up. no TVs. just the sounds of the urban outdoors and whatever ramblings my brain concocts.

after this, i head into the crap room, slash craft room, attempt to scrap and listen to reruns of American Top 40 on the local oldies radio. kinda cool listening to what what hot, hip and happening back in, oh - say 1975.

i don't know what has happened to me, but there was a time, not that long ago, when i hated being alone. h-a-t-e-d it. in the last few years, i have totally been digging it. loving the solitude. and then, add to it a cloudy, overcast morning, like it is right now, well...i couldn't be more giddy than if i won the lottery.

wait. i would be more giddy if i won the lottery. what am i thinking?

but i digress. which i am really good at.

today involves a Starbucks run and breakfast out. i have taken a hiatus from laundry today, a rare treat. i shall not do a dang thing that won't make me giddy. i therefore, decree this day to be Random Thoughts Day. a day to go on a whim. enjoy the spur of the moment.

be the dandelion pouf on the breeze.
and carpe your day. however it makes you happiest.


Pat said...

You just described my perfect day! Thanks for sharing, I hope it was all you wanted it to be!

Anonymous said...

You're just waxing poetic on us now!

Big shot!