Oct 9, 2006

what's next?

In case you hadn't heard...California is trying to kill the rest of the nation.

No, not really.

But it could seem like it...with the whole spinach thing. Now we get to add lettuce to the list.

First it was spinach. eColi found and so every ounce of fresh spinach gets pulled. Children around the nation rejoiced. Popeye went into seclusion.

Then people got really sick and some died. It stopped being funny. And now it seems that lettuce is heading down the same trail. Thankfully no one has seemed to be sick or died yet.

Or sued.

Apparently there is a woman who is suing because she got sick. She's doing it "on behalf of all those who also got sick."

Oh good. Will she also be sharing the money with all those that got sick?

Oh well.

It's a little scary. Will it come to the point where we can't eat anything but frozen or canned veggies? And, as i'm watching the lettuce story on the news last night, i'm cooking corned beef & cabbage for dinner.

i can't help but wonder what's next...and i hope it ain't cabbage.

In other non-eColi news...yesterday we took a day trip out to Oak Glen, a kinda touristy, group of apple ranches about an hour east of our homestead.

It rained. Not heavy, but enough to make us not want to hang around..especially since we didn't have umbrellas.

Final conclusion: Julian in San Diego county is better. And so far, apples are still safe to eat.


Nancy said...

E-Coli...yikes... it is everywhere evidently! I heard about contaminated carrot juice today. You can run but you just can't hide.

Samhains said...

Also Cali is stealing my trees...MY trees from my country. In British Columbia, US loggers are stealing, clear cutting right into Canada...theifs!

Also Why is it that China made the Keotia protocal, or whatever it was, to control polution like in Cali...but they themselves are the worlds largest poluters, and thier clowds of polution have been found as far as over the shores of Florida?...

Also..why is it that Fish can no longer be used as a "staple" Dietary food source? Because it use to be a food that one could put on the table for dinner almost every night...Now you cant eat any more than 2 cans of tuna a week...I remember when it was said on the news years ago, the warning about the fish, it saddens all of us.