Oct 27, 2006

Not something you see every day...

As of late, i have been getting a lot of spam. Unfortunately it's not the kind of spam i can grind up, add tomato sauce, olives, cheese & onions, spread on bread & broil to perfection.

So my email server does an excellent job, delivering straight to my Bulk folder, where i transfer it to my In box, mark as Spam & send it to email hell, as well as my blocked senders list. On the rare occasion where i've accidentally opened one, they always seem to be about some stock market scam..er, opportunity that i MUST TAKE ADVANTAGE OF NOW!!!
Not that it matters, because there's always new senders' names as well as the weirdest subject lines EVAH!

Here's just a few - and typeset just as they've sent to me:

said he would leave

our solar system emerged in

determineered heed

What th'....

But those pale in comparison to today's...

househusband swelling

Wow. Don't know what it has to do with stocks, but if it lasts too long, you should probably go to ER.

Happy Friday & weekend, everyone. And ladies, keep an eye on your househusband's swelling.


Melissa said...

Ouch. That just sounds painful.

Have a great weekend!

Nancy said...

So, so, funny....! What's up with that stock market stuff...I get two or three a day too! I deleted before I read "househusband swelling" MMMMM....maybe that's a good thing!!??

Jolene George said...

I have been getting lots of spam lately too. Not sure why really, but I hate it!