Oct 11, 2006

i'll tumble for ya..

no, really.

this past Monday, i dragged Hubbs out for a walk. we needed to get out, and exercise is always a good thing, right?

once again, i prove that exercise will kill you.

we had walked around the parameter of Knott's, and were about less than a 1/4 mile from our home when....

i fell off the curb.

now really...who falls off a curb? sober? (insert fingers pointing at me)

when i fell, i whacked the Hubbs in the back of his leg. good thing, too...he might have left me there, rolling like a turtle on her back. but nothing was broken, except my spirit.

clumsy oaf.

now, my leg has all the colors of the rainbow...as long as the rainbow only has browns, greens & purples in it, with yellow highlights.

i shouldn't be surprised. i was always accident prone as a child. always bruising or cutting something. thank Heavens there was no child protective services when i was growing up, because i have no doubt that my mom would probably be investigated. until they realized that i was born with two left feet. i was constantly falling out of trees, off bikes, tripping in gopher holes...but that's another blog.

in desperation, my poor mom sent me to years of ballet, hoping it would make me more graceful, more coordinated.

nope. but at least i look good falling. i look even better in a tutu.


Jolene George said...

ROFLOL! Okay...I'm not laughing at you...just at how you tell it. I'm glad the only thing broken was your spirit. It's a good thing you can find humor in it. :o)

doodlebugmom said...

Oh no Val! Hope the bruises go away fast! My first instict is to always look around to see who saw me fall.