Oct 17, 2006

i'll pay for what i want

i have no problem with that concept. if i need something, and it's within the budget, i'll cough up the dough & pay for it.

this picture cost me a quarter.
you see - this little imp complained that, at the tender age of three, she was over exposed in the media.
i am the media.
yes, she's complaining that auntie "takes too many pictures."
so, for a quarter, i got a good photo shoot.
and she stuck her tongue out at me. then, before i could narc to her mother, she told me it was an "ack-a-adent."
of course it was, sweetheart. and well worth the quarter spent.


Melissa said...

Shhh - don't tell Anna Marie that these things can be profitable!

That's a great picture! Yes, well worth the two bits!

doodlebugmom said...

Aww, what a cutie!

Jolene George said...

What a cute girl...and a smart little 3 year old to be extorting money from her Auntie. :o) too funny!