Oct 25, 2006

don't worry.

not gone.
not sick.
not backpacking through Europe.

just taking a few days off work, so i may not be my usual Constant Blogger.
(hey! that could be a great title for a movie...might be more interesting than the Gardener one)

might actually have pictures from Disneyland.

but only if you're good.

oh, and not only is it my anniversary, but i was hoping Hubbs would take the night off..no such luck. SO! not only am i having a Pity Anniversary Party, but i COULD have gone to the
Oasis for Nora's class. so sad for me.

p.s. - my friend's kid is currently serving a tour in Iraq. in less than a week he'll celebrate (?) his 21st birthday. prayers, if you would, that he gets to celebrate this big one, and many, many more. safe at home.
i know his mom would appreciate it. and probably his step-dad too (but he's a cranky sort!). :o)


doodlebugmom said...

I promise I will be good so I can see pix.

Today is the big 21 years for us. I am at work, he is at work. At least 21 years ago we had time to get married!

Prayers for your friend's son and all those serving with him. I won't get all politial (which is hard for me!), but I wish him home safe real soon...all of them.


Jolene George said...

Happy Anniversary Valerie! So sad that he didn't take the day off.
Happy Birthday to the boy serving in Iraq. It's scary to me...especially considering my son Chad is in boot camp right now.