Oct 24, 2006

i know you wonder...

You sit there, comfy on your couch or chair, and you wonder "what does that girl do all day when she's not blogging?"

Guess what. Even if you didn't, you're gonna find out. So you might want to switch over to Cyn's place or Melissa's.

OK? Too late now for the rest of you. You're stuck. So the management here at Random Thoughts presents A Day in the Life.

3a.m. - alarm goes off. is it a fire alarm? no - it's some %$#+%$#!!'s car alarm, that apparently is right underneath my bed. Hubbs does not wake up, he usually dons a sleep mask and earplugs before he goes to bed.

3:30 - did i fall asleep? might have, but the alarm is going off. again. i contemplate where the gun is. i remember we do not have a gun.

4:05 - i would love nothing more than to go back to sleep. i realize the sensible thing to do would be to just get up, but i want to believe i can fall back asleep.

4:36 - zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4:55 - my radio is going off. it's time to get up. i consider leaving a rude note on the offending car's alarm, but recognize that i don't know which car it is.

5:00 - 6:25 - in this order: watch tv news. shower. apply various lotions guaranteed to make me look at least 15 years younger. dress. dry & style hair. begin Major Reclamation Job (my step-pop's colorful way of saying puttin' on the face). pack lunch. leave the home. stop for coffee or a smoothie.

6:55 - arrive at work. let the circus begin.

7a.m.-3:30p.m. - deal with work. work reports. go to meetings. take a walk around the parking lot with one of my best friends. work reports. search for missing work. deal with sales reps who do not understand the concept of "this is NOT standard procedure. this is ONLY a favor that i cannot.EVER.repeat." (15 minutes later, rep is contacting me for another change) lunch. work reports. search for missing work. go to meeting with VP to discover my division is being spun off & we have a new name as of next month. (it's a totally whacked name. can't share yet. will next month)

3:45 (or so) - leave work. stops can include Target, grocery store, dry cleaner, scrapbook store.

4:05-5 - get home. watch TiVo'd Alton Brown.

5-5:30 - check email & blogs.

5:31 - realize i need to shave my legs.

5:33 - go to download photos from my camera...realize i cannot find my USB cable. Hubbs comes home from his errands. he doesn't know where my cable is, either.

5:40 - we proceed to Office Depot for new printer ink. locate USB cable...for $25. Hubbs informs me i am not spending that much. we forge on to Circuit City. same scenario. we decide to go to Fry's.

6:30 - i nearly get broadsided in the Fry's parking lot, by a HUGE man in a HUGE truck. to apologize, he flips me off. Hubbs responds in kind. this is where i wanted my evening to go.

6:35-7 - we peruse the store, cannot locate USB cable for my phone. finally near the Mac section, we locate a retractable one. tres cool. (i am secure in my geekness to admit that)

7:15 - we are now on the freeway, heading home.

7:45 - arrive home. Hubbs finds my missing USB cable. crud.

7:50-9:30 - Hubbs works on...work. i snooze under a quilt. yummmmmmm.

9:31 - we go to bed. i realize i need to shave my legs.

There you have it. Just a boring day in my life. if you've stayed awake this long, kudos to you, Gentle Reader. Kudos to you.


Melissa said...

That's some jam-packed day! I know what you mean about finding the cable - sometimes I buy something JUST BECAUSE I know that what I lost will turn up as soon as I do.

Get some rest. Sounds like you deserve it.

Jolene George said...

ROFLOL! You totally crack me up! I love reading your blog. You always make me laugh! Now go shave those legs! :o)