Oct 10, 2006

for those about to dye..we salute you.

ah, the joys of being a girl. not the every 28 days one, but the rest of them.

we get to wear cute clothes. makeup. perfume. earrings. and even if we choose to not do any of these, or to not even do them every day, we have the choice.

we also have the choice to dye & cut our hair.

or not!

today, i chose to.

now, as a child, my hair got red in the summer. all that time out in the sun, would lighten it to a lovely red. as i got older, that ended of course..mostly because i wasn't in the sun as much.

soooo - i opted to recapture the red tresses of my youth. oh, and the fact that there was a LOT of gray popping up which also encouraged me to do so.

never having been one to be shy about whether i dye or not (the one incident at work notwithstanding...i had just given a presentation to my department, when, after asking if anyone had any questions, one wag questioned: "Yeah, what's your real hair color?" my smartass response was "i'll tell you if you tell me where you got your hair plugs." can you believe this guy hooked himself a wife? amazing. with that kind of personality, too...), i have no problem telling anyone who asks that yes i do dye, and who does it.

tonight, i had a hair appointment, and i was ready for a change. i'm really digging my current cut, and since it still works for me, far be it from me to change now.

well...at least until i get bored. like today.

i'm ready for a change. and fall is here, so i felt it was time to make my hair as rich as this season. well, at least as rich as fall gets here in Mostly Sunny So. Cal.

with no further ado...here's before:

and here's after:

yes, it's dark. it's still a little red, deep down.

it's taking a little getting used to, only because i haven't had hair this dark since my wedding.
but i kinda feel like a new woman!

oh, and yes, i did warn Hubbs so when he comes home tonight, he doesn't think he's in the wrong bed. muh-hahahaha!

sing it with me now..."i enjoy beeeeeing a girlllllll!"


doodlebugmom said...

Cute Val! (Before is cute too!) I dye too...its about the only splurge on myself. My hair is so grey its scary. The older I get, the weirder I get about my hair. And the older I get the weirder my boss is about my hair :/

I have thought about trying a little red, but I think my coloring is all wrong for it. My brothers got the gorgeous red in my family.

Melissa said...

That's a beautiful color Valerie! (Of course, I'd be partial to the red too, seeing that I've got two red heads in my family!)

Jolene George said...

Beauty does take effort. I happen to really like your new color. Its perfect for the season. That is the color my husband really likes me in.
I had to laugh at your hair plug comment...too funny!

Kelly said...

Your new colour looks awesome! I just highlighted my hair on the weekend. Was actually still in the bathroom washing the dye off when my Hubby's brother and his wife showed up for Thanksgiving dinner (a whole DAMN hour early)

Thanks for commenting on my blog! Come back again soon!!

doodlebugmom said...

I love the after, oh and I love the before too! Both colors are so pretty on you!