Oct 17, 2006

late night ramblings...

*Note - this late night post is not to be viewed by anyone under 18, anyone with heart problems, or generally does not have a sense of humor about married life. You have been warned.*

Got an email tonight from a friend, that i HAD to share with the rest of the internet. Or, at least the four people who read this (hi guys!). This friend has been going through a, well..let's say interesting period in her marriage - you know - rough spots, business trips, kids, etc. So she had to share what she came home to tonight.

Feeling a little sad & sorry for herself, she pulled in her driveway and saw something weird looking over by her gas meter. Getting out of her car, she saw it...

Two cats making their own porn tape.

I now quote my friend: "...honest to gawd, Valerie, what the hell is the world coming to when cats are getting more sex than I am????"

'nuff said.


doodlebugmom said...

Oh yeah...cats are so discreet!

Melissa said...

Ah yes, kitty kat love. My aunt has moved in with my mother, and she has seven cats - a mother with five kittens, and a male cat who is spayed so he's not the father. (We like to think of him as the kittens' fun gay uncle.)

My sister's friend claims she saw the episode of Maury where the mom cat got the DNA results back, and the "uncle" cat said "I told you I wasn't the daddy!"