Oct 7, 2006

another Saturday night....

and what are you having for dinner?

for me, dinner anymore is kind of a waste. don't get me wrong, i still eat. and if anyone has seen my arse lately...well...'nuff said.
but with Hubbs working swing, there's not a lot of chances to cook. (and i have no idea how to cook for one. heating for one is a different subject. i have a Masters degree in that)

like April, says, cereal is a really good choice. as is breakfast for me: ain't nothing better than eggs 'n' toast or pancakes 'n' eggs. (preferably sunny, but cooked enough so the creepy stuff around the yoke is cooked) but cereal really rocks.

and, despite one of my last blogs, no, i haven't had cocoa puffs & buttermilk in a long time.

tonight, though...i decided to keep it simple. and to attempt a restart on WW, i had a WW frozen mac & cheese.

then followed it up with the remains of my key lime pie cheesecake.

yum-o. and yes, i realize it negates the purpose of a low-cal dinner.

so - here's the questions for the day. you may answer only one or both...the choice is yours. but do answer...i'd like to see i'm not alone out here. what are you having for dinner tonight and have you ever followed up a healthy dinner with some really yummy crap?

food is good. yummy food is even better.


april said...

I ended up having Arby's for dinner. Just the sandwhich...Sam at my french fries for me. :)

I have been known to eat something healthy for dinner specifically for the purpose of being able to eat some "really yummy crap" later. :)

Nancy said...

Sometimes I will eat the "yummy" first just to make sure I have room for dinner. Especially if the "yummy" is pecan pie.

Jolene George said...

Nope...I totally skip the healthy dinner all together. Last night we went to Joes BBQ and I had a huge loaded baked potato topped off with a scoop of pulled pork...so good! I have found that I can lose weight eating what I want as long as I excercise and drink water...problem is I haven't been exercising, so I put back on the 30 pounds I lost. I guess I better get back to business. :o)

doodlebugmom said...

I fixed a turkey and dressing over the weekend. Left overs are in the freezer...want some?

Pat said...

rats - you caught me - tonight I served crap, followed by crap (hanging head in shame)