Oct 14, 2006

ah, rain -

ya gotta love rainy days.

OK, well...i do.

See, here in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal., we don't get much in the way of weather. so when we do, it honestly becomes a Breaking News alert. Years ago, we had an El Nino front come through...which basically means it rained here as much as Seattle. And, sure enough, it was on the news...and part of the story included a serious story, where the rain had damaged some homes.

The newschopper, hovering over this home, caught a plastic shopping bag being swept away by the floodwaters. The news anchor, who is very much a "Ron Burgundy" type, said, on live TV, "Oh, is that a small child being swept away?" The helicopter pilot wearily replied, "No, it's just a plastic bag."

Weather here is big news. Because there really is no weather. So, overcast, cool, rainy days make me happy. i would be very happy in the Great Pacific Northwest. Hubbs says he would end up like Kurt Cobain if we ever moved up there.

i say he's a bit melodramatic.

These kind of days, for whatever reason, make me long for retirement. To be able to plan & do whatever i wanted. Own a vineyard in Napa. Travel the world. Own a beachhouse, or even my own island.

The Carpenters sang that Rainy Days & Mondays Always Get Me Down. But for me, they always make me think of the potential of my life...and what i can make of it.


Jolene George said...

I love rainey days too! Here in Arizona it's always news worthy. :o)

doodlebugmom said...

And rain is better than ice! Not that you have to worry about that, but el nino usually means more ice for us than snow. ick!