Oct 19, 2006

One year ago...

This time last year, i was lying in a hospital bed. Feeling no pain.

Really. And not just because of the drugs, either.

It truly was a monumental, turning point in my life. I like to joke that it was more important than the day i got married.

And in a way it was.

For all my terror of someone messing with my factory settings, of having surgery on my spine, just the sheer horror of not knowing what was going on or going to happen - it was all for naught.

The pain before was constant. It never ended, just eased with drugs. Now, there's only the occasional twinge...and those are because i moved wrong or overdid it.

But i made the choice, and i'm so glad i did. Of course, i've got bookoo stories of what happened afterwards...almost puking as they wheeled me back to my room...begging to be allowed to use the bathroom like a "big girl"...after being allowed up to walk, how i walked for almost an hour, until the nurses made me go back to my room.

Life, my friends, is full of choices. Sometimes we make them and wonder for the rest of our lives if we made the right ones.

Thankfully, i have concrete evidence that this was the right decision.


doodlebugmom said...

I am so happy for you Val :)

And I am so with you on the worry thing. I worry about everything too!

Jolene George said...

Count you blessing that it all worked out and it was worth the scary surgery. I'm glad you don't suffer from daily pain anymore.
My oldest sister dies 3 days after back surgery. Not because of that, but because she was hooked on pain pills...very sad!

Pat said...

Glad things worked out well for you!
...stay away from that "if only" wheel, it never ends, and leads nowhere!

Pat said...

So glad things worked out well for you!
...stay away from that "if only" wheel - it goes never ends, and leads nowhere!