Oct 7, 2006

oh CRUD!

no - i haven't fallen off the planet. nor have i gone on vacation or been sick. lazy? possibly. truth is, there's been a little drama going on in my corner of the universe, and although it's still here, it's a little easier. really, just a little easier.

if you are a praying person, i would ask you keep my Hubbs in your prayers. prayers for peace & a sense of calm about his life. and i thank you.

now, back to our regularly scheduled blog.

while readings my morning run-down of blogs, i checked on Loni's and realized that it's Saturday morning. which means that last night was Friday night.

which means i missed Grey's Anatomy.


now, if i was smart, i would set Mr. DVR to tape it on Friday. see, i can't tape it on Thursday, because that's CSI. and, if i want a continuing, happy relationship with the Hubbs (and i do), i must tape it.


now - i know what happened...there's a link on the web that give a run down on what happened on the last show. but it's not the same as watching it.

crud. think i'll just set up a timer for it now.

in other news....

someone in an apartment near ours has a dog. a dog who doesn't like to be left alone. there's a lot of whining, poor puppy.

i love dogs...never cared for cats until jr. high, when we got a stray that got knocked up. it's been Catsville ever since. but last night...i dreamed about having dogs. a chocolate lab to be precise.

*sigh* always chasing what you cannot have. it's all good. and it's all about living like today was your last day on earth.

yep. that's me. running all over the place. making no sense. but trying to.

happy Saturday.


doodlebugmom said...

Sure. prayers for your hubby and for you!

Email me anytime if you want to "talk"

Samhains said...

Grey's Anatomy.
I hate that show...that chick is SOOO skinny with no tits at all!! PLUS!! SHES A SMOKES!! Her face screams smokers, its so dry and cracked looking, the whites of her eyes are yellow...shes a mess man! And they try to pretray her as hot...the heavy set chick with the dark eyes and hair is way better looking, and seer too! )

I hate that show My wife watches it like its moses resiting the bible...