Oct 2, 2006

poor Georgie...

(i realize this isn't the most important story of today, but i just cannot relive another story of children being murdered by schmucks.)

if you want to wake him up before you go-go, make sure he hasn't done any smack beforehand.

you know what bugs me the most about this
story? not the fact that the man is wasting God-given talent. it's the fact that they call him an "aging pop star." and he's 43,

guess that makes me an aging bitter ol broad. at 44. and i'm not nearly as talented.

or as drug induced.

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frazzledmom said...

OK - that is just BS!!! I'm 41, and am not enjoying the sudden ageism cr*p that comes with this stage of life. How dare they call a 42-year-old pop star 'aging'. How dare the packer at the grocery store call me 'ma'am'. How dare my doctor tell me those little red dots on my skin are just age spots.

I'm with you on this one Valerie. LOL.