Oct 27, 2006

The Spookiest Place on Earth

You've been good...you ate all your veggies....here's some shots from the jaunt to Disneyland yesterday.

It was biz-zay. Way busier than i really expected. No long lines, just mucho people. In any case, it was just a good excuse to take pictures and eat a lot of crap.
somewhere in New Orleans Square

a candy corn "A" in California Adventure
the Great Pumpkin on Main St. and the extreme makeover of the Haunted Mansion to a Nightmare Before Christmas

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Jolene George said...

Well I didn't eat all my veggies, but I'm glad I got to see the pictures anyways. Must be fun to go to the parks there during the holidays.
Of course I added you to my blog list. I LOVE reading your blog!!! You make me laugh a lot!