Sep 26, 2006

yep, i'm home.

and i'm exhausted!

but what a hoot it was, being in Reno, seeing the kids, Cousin Marlen from Ireland, heck - even my brother-in-law with his new/old girlfriend was fun.

yes, a good time was had by all.

it was totally fun, watching Marlen attract the boys like bees to the flower. ah, the lilt of the brogue will drag them in every time. now, our mission is to get her to move here.

and the food......oh, the food. don't get me started on that. i'm convinced i gained back everything i've lost...and probably a little more just for kicks & giggles.

why? because my sis-in-law can cook.

some highlights...
  • reading I Spy books with the Nephew.
  • going for Rover rides in the Nevada desert, while some of the boys go motorcycle riding.
  • Little Naked Girl (aka my niece) jumping up & down on the bed.
  • LNG also, after being chastised by her mother for taking off all her clothes, proceeds to cover the chest area with her arm, and the lower part with one hand "No, Mommy, i covered up.".
  • sharing some chardonnay on the back patio with family.

in other words, it's all good.

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