Sep 14, 2006

i'm in love.

what a roller coaster of a week it's been. first, i found out i need a new transmission. to the tune of about $1800.


then, my husband thinks that i need a new heater coil.

sucks to be me.

then camera took a dump. i turned it on...looked at some pictures on my camera, then went to take a picture.

nothing. absolutely nothing.

oh joy.

so i took a peek at the Canon website, and found out that Canon has decided that there's something wrong with the viewfinder, and after you send them the camera (on their dime, thank you very much!) they will fix it for you.

drawback? takes about three to four weeks to be done.

but then...i saw this:
yes. the Canon PowerShot A620. pretty much like my old one (so i can use my lenses) but with WAY cooler features. like a color channel so i could make a picture black & white, but say, keep a red rose in the picture.

**sigh** it really doesn't take much to make me happy. wonder if we could get married?

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