Sep 28, 2006

i need a quarter to flip -

Or something.

Here's the quandary: Thursday is once again Must See TV...just on other channels than NBC.

In this corner....weighing in at at least six seasons...CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. And, if you've been reading this for awhile, you know how i love this show.

And in this corner...weighing in at two seasons...Grey's Anatomy.

What's a girl to do?

Never watched Grey's Anatomy before (i know...what rock have i been under?) our recent trip to Reno...where my SIL is a rabid fan. So i watched the season finale in preparation to the season premiere (which she taped, but we never got to watch)...and all i can say is oh my.

So now what? CSI & Grey's are across from each other. i have to tape CSI - the Hubbs loves the show as much as i. 'Sides, with Catherine's daughter going missing tonight after Catherine seems to have been date raped, well...come on! What's not to be addicted to?

So it looks like the solution is to tape CSI on the DVR, and Grey's on the VCR.

The world should have this kind of problems.

In other non-relevent news...yes, i have been up since 3a.m.. No idea why. Well, actually several ideas why, but none that i'm ready to share. Back to work today, as well, after a week off.

Happy TV Watching.

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