Sep 28, 2006

i live across the street from Hell.

and this, my friends, is what Hell looks like.

every year, Knott's hosts this Haunt.
it's killer. no pun intended.

if you scare easily, don't go. this will (and has with several of my friends) scared the pee right outta them.

there's mazes. they alter the rides & instead of some of the audio-anamatronic figures, they have real people that jump out at you. they have "sliders", guys (and girls) in freaky scary masks who carry things like fake chain saws, rocks in a can that rattles when they shake 'em. the slider part comes from the knee pads they wear so when they jump out at you from the dark, foggy corners, they can hit their knees & slide towards you.

pardon...i'm having a moment.

Hubbs & i last went about three years ago...and boy did we feel old. kinda like we were narcs, keeping an eye on the kids.

or worse, parents waiting on our kids.

the hell part, comes from trying to get around the area when Haunt is in town - Friday, Saturday & Sunday. the traffic is unbelievable. when we were unlucky enough to get out when Haunt was starting, have had to drive several miles out of our way to be able to maneuver our way to our Happy Abode.

happy, happy, joy, joy.

when we got married, we chose October because it gave us enough time to really get things planned, but not close enough to the holidays to mess those up. and, when signing the contract, had a choice of times. 11a.m. or 6p.m. i would've preferred the 6p.m. slot, but had a vision of our guests walking to the reception, being chased by some freaks & ghouls.

hmmmm. not the vision i want for ever in my scrapbooks.

so - what have we learned from all this?
1) i have a love/hate relationship with the Haunt.
2) i still wanna go. again.
3) traffic blows. especially during the Haunt.


Slim Suzy said...

I would absolutely HATE to go there. I am petrified of anyone wearing a mask of any kind! (must have been scared by someone as a child I think)
Congrats for blogging for a year.

doodlebugmom said...

I hate being scared. but I love Halloween candy :o)

When is your anniversary? We got married in October too, the 26th. (October 26 1985 is the day "Back to the Future" takes place). It was also daylight savings time weekend so we got an extra hour of wedding night ;)

We got married between corn picking and deer hunting ...yeah as I look back that should have been a big red flag! LOL

have a great weekend!

Jolene George said...

I have been in a couple of haunted houses because the curiosity got to me...but I really don't enjoy that feeling of being scared and my heart racing faster than a healthy heart should beat. I don't watch scary movies either. I can't imagine living by Knotts during that time of year.
Thanks for your comments on my blog. I appreciate that you care about my grandson....thanks again! :o)