Sep 18, 2006

it must be love, love, love...

(thanks to Mr. Costello for today's title)

And yes, this IS being posted @ 4am. Honestly i didn't know there was a 4am these days.

Hy-yuk, yuk, yuk.

Husband got up about 3:30, i followed soon afterward. Had trouble falling asleep, so it would make sense i would have problems going back to sleep. So i decided to get up, and read the new camera manual again.

Ooops. Did i forget to mention i got a new camera?


Yep, i was checking out the ads yesterday and found a Canon A630 @ Best Buy for a decent price plus 18 months same as cash.


Of course, reading any manual is like reading dkjf;lri hfed the awpidl fwhorpld.

Makes no sense.

What i can't understand is why manufacturers don't team up with the good foks who write the "______ for Dummies" books to create the manuals for their products. It would make so much more sense...and be more entertaining to read as well.

Perhaps i'll start my own. Step One: Chuck all manufacturer supplied manuals.
Step Two: Get your camera and follow along with these oh, so easy instructions that even your idiot family members could follow.
Step Three: Take good pictures, and get good photo editing software just in case. Not that you'll ever need it, but it's just a safety net. You're a regular Ansel Adams.
Step Four: Use said software. Repeat.

But back to the yummy camera. 8MP. Flip-out viewfinder that rotates 180 degrees. Ability to shoot snow, beach, fireworks scenes, to single out a color in a photo & keep that color only in a black & white photo. Or to switch the color.

I could sop this up with a biscuit. i just can't understand the manual.

What. The. %$&*#!.

So i'll be trying out all the knobs, bells and whistles. And try to understand it all. But if i accomplish nothing else, at least i'll sleep good tonight.


Happy Monday, everyone.

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Melissa said...

Congratulations on the new camera! I know what you mean about manuals. Did you know that when you get a 30GB iPod it doesn't really come with a manual? I had to download one from Apple. And I have yet to figure out how to get my pictures onto it.

Sheesh. Where is the iPod for dummies?