Sep 1, 2006

hey, Ma! Lookit what i got in school today!

Today was our team building event at Dave & Buster's, a restaurant-slash-bar-slash-arcade for grown-ups. Did our little songs about the other supervisors, got a few laughs...actually more than i expected - and i think they weren't all about our singing.

But then....the Big Boss calls me up on the stage, along with my fellow leads, and my singing partner - one of the supervisors.

We each got one of these, along with a nice cash donation, taxed to the hilt by my Uncle (but that's another post. no bitterness here for now.)

And as hokey as it sounds, this bloody little piece of paper is more important to me than even the cash.

For me, that's saying something.

This is totally cool. And i was speechless.

Again, that's saying something. Or nothing.

Looks like the nephew ain't the only one who made Citizen of the Month.

Move over, kid. There's room enough on this pedestal for both of us.

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