Sep 4, 2006

nothing much to say..

'cept it's HOT. probably been about 90-100 the last few days. same for today.

and, in an apartment that has crappy A/C, there just isn't much allure to staying in - even though there's a bunch of stuff we should get done around here.

wait - isn't it Labor Day? should we not honor the work we do other days by not doing any work today?

'nuff said.

so...there's a water park (where half of the population will be), a movie, or hit all the stores we like going to, just to stay in their A/C that they pay for.

what i'd really like, is to find a water park that shows a movie. even better: a lazy river at a water park showing a movie.

oh - and it should serve margaritas. peace out.

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