Sep 1, 2006

on dreaming & sleeplessness....

First - let me go on record as saying where the bloody hell did the summer go? Cannot believe it's Labor Day weekend. And today is also our work group's team building activity - and i and a supervisor will be doing a cheesy karaoke act to boot.

That should be interesting. But on to the subject at hand.

Keep waking up 4-4:30. Way too early for me, but even earlier for Hubbs. He's not sleeping, either. Sleepytime tea isn't helping. This a.m. i made him take some drugs, so we'll see how he does.

He gets home, and can't seem to wind down. So he sits up till 4 (hmmm!) then comes to bed - where he tosses & turns. Other than drugs, i got nothing in the way of advice.

Now this a.m., just before i got up, i had a dream. i was traveling with the Big Boss and a supervisor..but this time we were in Washington State (at least in my dream it was. Having never been there, i got nothing), checking out a cascade waterfall that in the 50's, you could drive through (not directly - but run-off from the waterfall covered the road, and you would drive on that), but has now been closed to traffic.

So here we are, the three of us, schlepping around the walk, enjoying the view. And someone slips, heading straight for the edge of the cliff.

Guess who?

Amazingly, i manage to regain my footing, and stump back to the road.

So what does that mean, all you out there that can interpret dreams?

And if you can translate that one, how about this one i used to have as a kid: in this dream, i am tiny...Polly Pocket tiny. And i'm tied up to a bowling pin in a bowling alley, with a ball coming at me. R-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w.

i always wake up before it hits me. and i wake up crying.

See if you can figure that one out.

And if you have any sure-fire cures for Hubbs, please let me know.

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doodlebugmom said...

No advice from me. Good luck tho, sucks to not be able to sleep.