Sep 29, 2006

when did the world go weird?

once again, i have submitted my resignation from the Human Race.

why? because there's nothing Human about it.

consider this: a man in Colorado, who decided he had nothing left to live for, walks into a school, takes some teenage girls hostage, assaults some of them, then kills one before offing himself.

today, in Wisconsin, a kid walked into a school and killed the principal.

why? he was tired of being called gay, when he wasn't.

i don't get it. i don't get any of it.

what happened to the good old days when you just killed yourself? why did it have to be suddenly "in" to take a few people with you? and while i'll agree that teasing is emotional abuse, every damn one of us were teased about something growing up, and i guarantee not one of us even considered shooting anyone because of it.

realizing i'll sound like someone's grandma when i say this, but what happened to the world?

so, once again, i will do my best to turn in my membership to the human race. i will shake my head in disbelief, cluck my tongue at what the world has come to.

and pray. hard.


doodlebugmom said...

The Wisconsin shooting was not to far from my neck of the woods. Lots more info coming to light now that is not making the national news. All I can say, the staff at the school did an excellent job. They protected the students. After Principal Klang was shot(in the leg, chest and head), he wrestled the shooter to the ground, getting the gun away from him.

A student from the same school was killed in a car accident that same morning, just minutes before the shooting.

Sad, just sad

Linda :(

ok, you dont have to post this comment, its long enuf to be a post on my own blog!

Jolene George said...

I'm with you in your sadness and frustration. I was teased a lot growing up, but that thought never entered my mind. It is a different world we live in now...a scary one. Your last line says it all...pray hard!!!!