Nov 15, 2006

you think of a lot of weird things at three a.m.

  • Keith Urban is soooo cute. most of the time. CMT had a Top Ten video special of his videos and even though some are good, some ain't. and he looks better in some than others.
  • Shark is a great show. James Woods rocks in this show - and as an actor in general.
  • people are, for the most part, bright & good. unfortunately it's the stupid and bad ones that get the most press.
  • my neighbors vary between totally cool and complete schmucks. the other night, we heard banging and talking - and both were loud and went on for 45 minutes. turns out the next door neighbors were moving a sofa & a love seat out of their apartment. and moved them both down to the TRASH BINS.

aren't people swell? they can't call Goodwill or someone to donate their furniture to, they have to make a bunch of noise & then leave it for trash.

by the way - it's currently 4a.m., i've been up since 3, and yet someone near me has been up as long as i have and is making as much noise as if it were much later in the day.

i feel sorry for whoever lives right next door to them.

so - if you can believe, Thanksgiving is next week. Christmas is right around the corner. i have not started my cards or any shopping. i have, however, purchased my dinner for Thanksgiving.

Knott's Berry Farm offers Turkey in a Box or Ham in a Box - all for about $60. my Husband looooooooves the turkey, so guess what i got. the meal comes with a fully cooked turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, rolls, butter, jam, corn, sweet potatoes, bread & butter pickles AND a pie. the best part? all i have to do is drive up, they bring me a cup of coffee, and someone brings out a huge box & puts it in my car.

this is my idea of cooking.

we've also purchased our airline tickets for Christmas - off to Reno. the day after we bought the tickets, my sister in law & i were talking, when the Niece wanted to talk to me.

"Um, Aunt Balerie? Do you think you could come to my house for Christmas?"

i said yes - i would come out for Christmas. i heard a gasp, then "she said yes!"

then..."um, could you bring Uncle Brendan with you?"

that i can do, my love. that i can do.


Jolene George said...

ummmm...really thoughtful neighbors, huh?! Both with the noise and with taking up all the dumpster space....idiots!
I love your Thanksgiving dinner. Great idea! My mother in law is cooking it this year and I'm making all the pies.
How fun for you to be able to spend Christmas with your family. You will make your niece very very happy!

doodlebugmom said...

Oh! Insomnia must be going around!

-Keith Urban doesn't to a thing for me...guessing that makes me odd. I love his music tho. My dh is jealous of him anyway, he always changed the station when he comes on...cracks me up!

-I have never seen Shark (gasp?) I don't watch much tv, its on all the time, I just dont pay attention.

-My neighbors are not close enough to hear. They are pretty nice for the most part.

-Can I come have real turkey with you? My inlaws fix wild turkey. I know why there were not fat pilgrims, wild turkey is nasty!

-What a precious little niece you have. And I can just tell. You don't spoil her one bit...right??