Nov 27, 2006

just hangin' in my pee-yamas.

the Husband laughs, but my idea of comfy is getting in my pee-yamas (read: pyjamas. it's how my husband pronounces it, has for years).

sweats are good, but for all-out comfort, nothing for me beats getting in my oh-so-comfy nightclothes, and throwing on a pair of Uggs boots. and if it's really cold (OK - cold for California), throw on a robe.

the Husband, however, derides my choice of nighttime attire.

i do believe that most guys have this fantasy of us girls in poofy, foofy, black lacy, two inches wide pieces of nothing.

i, however, prefer nightshirts, shorts, tops & pants made out of jersey.


my favorite, is a t-shirt & short set. i got it from my best friend for my bridal shower nine years ago.

what can i say. i have a weakness for the classics.

these things looks like hell. i mean, if i were to wear them in public, i would probably start getting spare change from passers-by. there are holes everywhere. Husband says they look like Swiss cheese. i say they're aero-dynamic.

it's not to say i don't have pretty nighties. i do...and have actually worn them. however, since Brendan has been working night, then swing shifts, i've gone to bed by myself. and selfishly, i dress for me. and if i were any comfier, it'd be illegal.

marriage, they say, is give & take. it's all about the compromise. some days you're in charge, some days your mate is.

i, however, will always be in charge of my pee-yamas.


Susie Q said...

Okay! Now I am going to bed just giggling like crazy. I needed that! I think I have the same pajama set! SO comfy.

Love your blog!

Fond regards,

Allison said...

Mom wanted to buy me PJs for college. I wear shorts & a t-shirt, sweatpants if it gets cold. That's what everyone wears here! lol.

doodlebugmom said...

Amen babe! My hubby is working nights now. Last night i slept in my ugly (but comfy)green jammies and a sweatshirt. When he is home, I am not so frumpy (but close! haha)

Jolene George said...

I so love to wear pajamas. I really love to clean house in them, scrapbook in them and just lounge around. I have several most favorite thigs to comfy!