Nov 21, 2006

weather or not...

here's what's not right:

it's November.
Thanksgiving is only two days away.
yesterday it was 90 degrees.

90 degrees!!!

that just ain't right.

it's Thanksgiving, for cripes sake. it should be cool. crisp. i should be in sweatshirts & warm, nubby sweaters.

not feeling warm & sweaty.

i understand i shouldn't complain. but i just want it to be cooler.

once again: to feel the holiday groove, the weather should cooperate.


doodlebugmom said...

Its been nice here, mid 50s. Turkey is yummy in any weather. But 90...ick

Melissa said...

#1 - liking the new color scheme!

#2 - with you on the weather. It's been chilly here the last couple of weeks, but we're headed to GA for Thanksgiving and it's supposed to be 70 degrees! I don't know what I'll pack - Anna Marie has outgrown all her warm-weather clothes!

I'm just hoping they'll revise the forecast downward a bit by this weekend.

Allison said...

It was 50 here today too... quite nice walking to class without a winter coat on! lol.

Jolene George said...

It's hot here in Arizona too. I was really hoping for sweater weather on chance of that.

april said...

ha! the day you wrote that was the morning we woke up to freezing temps here in EastTexas. And today we had the windows open! is it any wonder the congestion part of my flu wont go away!? :P