Nov 17, 2006

not exactly a heavy news day...

but did i ever mention my Latin name?
Dorkus Malorkus.

why, you may ask, O Gentle Reader?

Because i fell.

On my bum.

In public.

And i cried.

Husband and i have been trying to go for walkies on Mondays...usually we do the big circle..up around Knott's, which ends up being about a mile.

So we're walking, probably about 3/4 of the way around, when...

i step off a handicapped accessible curb. and yes, i do realize the irony in that.

Never having been the most graceful sent to years of ballet, and all for naught. The clumsy child grew into an equally clumsy adult.

Hit the ground hard...even rolled a little. Kicked the Husband in the back of the leg. Nothing broken, except my pride. But i still have a lump on my leg that is tender.

It's a miracle i've lived this long, i tell you what.

in other news...
  • did more Christmas shopping for the young'uns today...i do believe i'm almost done. my goal is to be finished with all toy shopping before Black Friday...i can stand the other shopping, but not toys.
  • i cannot stand to hear one more story about the Liar Formerly Known as OJ. and what the *%$#@! is Fox & the publisher thinking by publishing & airing this claptrap? Sheesh.
  • i need to start on my cards this weekend. i've felt puny all week, fighting some bug. So the creative juices just ain't there.
  • i need a pedicure. NOW.

Have a grand weekend.


Nancy said...

Oh my, I am glad you were not hurt any worse (sometimes the pride hurts more than anything)! I am clumsy too and feel fortunate that I have never broken anything. Kudo's to you and hubby for walking, that't great exercise! Have a great weekend.

Allison said...

lol I fell walking UP the stairs the other night... it was quite embarassing...

doodlebugmom said...

ouch! I have fallen too, the first thing I do it to look around to see who saw me!

Jolene George said...

Okay...I feel terrible that I laughed about you falling. Well I really didn't think it was funny that you fell...just the way you told it. I hope your pride and your bruised lumpy leg are feeling better. I also hope you've kicked the nasty bug.