Nov 7, 2006

and we're out!

So after spending a-l-l d-a-y in a courtroom, i'm free.

We sat while fellow perspective jurors were questioned and some released. Some tried to be released (like the one juror origially from Cuba, who said she's been in America longer "than Ricky & Lucy. " Then, when she was accepted as part of the jury, raised her hand to disqualify herself because she "didn't understand english all well." The judge just chuckled and said she didn't do too badly up to this point, so she was staying.)

i have decided that if i'm ever arrested for a crime, i'm going to plead guilty. i don't think i want a jury of my peers, because the peers i was with yesterday weren't quite that bright. Or, maybe they were brighter than i thought and just played dumb well.

In other news...
* today is election day. Go vote. i'm thrilled that after today, the phone calls & bazillions of mail telling us to vote their way will end.

*the Personal Assistant for my niece (aka her mother, my sister in law)placed a call to us last night on behalf of the niece. Poor Husband...usually, he's the one the niece wants to talk to and she totally has him wrapped around her cute little finger. Not tonight. There's a new kid in town, and brother it's me. Yep, little angel wanted to talk to Aunt Balery. She also wants me to come over Thursday. Not sure why it has to be Thursday, but hey...when a three yr.old. speaks, of course i obey.

It just won't be Thursday.

Back to the grind. Don't forget to vote.


Melissa said...

My aunt had jury duty on a murder trial a couple of years ago. The judge told them the only way to get out was to be insane, or an alcoholic. And he said that an alcoholic was never without a stash, so if they were pleading that way, they'd better have some hooch on them.

I'm so glad it's election day - not just because I love to exercise my right to vote, but mostly because of the ads! I live outside Memphis, so this whole Bob Corker/Harold Ford Jr. thing is out of control!

Jolene George said...

Well I hope I'm never on trial because it's too big of a gamble hoping that you get a smart jury. I had to laugh about the cuban lady. :o)
You better go see your niece Aunt Balery. She sounds adorable!

doodlebugmom said...

I was in a jury pool once. I would make a terrible juror!

Good thing I didn't get chosen,I formed my opinion of the guy just from the witness list.