Nov 11, 2006

introducing new legislature.

i am about to introduce legislature that will change the landscape of America.


Shall campaign volunteers/employees be required to remove all advertising regarding their candidate, regardless of voter outcome, or be charged $50 for each sign remaining?

oh yeah.

iffn i had thought about it before, i would've taken a picture of the median by our house. it's at least a third of a mile of a sea of "elect Joe Blow" signs. and heaven forbid if there's a fence.
there was a gas station by our place, now going through the usual "lie fallow" rules for a few years...and of course, there's a chain link fence around it. usually, it's home to Little League sign up signs, PeeWee football notices as well as "Jim's YOUR Handyman - call 555-8729(cell)".

now, though, it's a sea of voting demands. and the election was almost a week ago.

so - that's what i want to do. how hard could it be? all they'd have to do is the day or so after the election, anyone who worked for the campaign would need to go & take down all the damn signs they put up.

then i can work on my next plan: getting rid of all the whining, yapping politicians that are currently clogging the evening newscasts.

just doing my part to Keep America Beautiful.

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