Nov 11, 2006

did i get old?

or is it just them?

check these out...and see if you don't suddenly feel real old. i know i do.
Shaun Cassidy - then & now (gah - i loved him in the Hardy Boys. even saw him in concert)

Donny Osmond - back when i used to tape the "Donny & Marie" show with a cassette tape recorder next to the speaker on our tv. and now, on Broadway.
Sean Connery - as Bond and well...still easy on the eyes.
so if they got old(er), does that mean i did, too? that i'm not the apple cheeked cutie-patootie i was (if i ever was)?
well, duh. but i so love living in denial.


Jolene George said...

I love Donny Osmond!
What's funny is when my husband was ummmm...thinner and younger people always said he looked like him. Other odd things...they both grew up in Utah, they both have 5 brothers, and one sister. His Marie...Mark's sister is Mary Ann.

Valerie said...

i love him, too! it's just that i remember him from the late 70's-early 80's, and just have a hard time remembering that he's a grampa's like you being a grandma - just ain't right, you're both too young!!

doodlebugmom said...

I think Sean Connery is amazing now! Would be better with out the puffy shirt :/

I guess that makes me old, but I am totally liking bald lately.