Nov 2, 2006

trying to get an attitude

an attitude of gratitude, that is.

November, Louisa May Alcott wrote in "Little Women," is a most disagreeable month.

i don't think so.

i love November..actually Fall & Winter are my favorite seasons. the air is cool, crisp, not quite cold. Christmas is just around the corner. yum-o.

Thanksgiving is almost here as well..and i, as usual, will be ordering my dinner from Knott's, and just heat everything up come Turkey day.

i just don't feel the vibe.

see, this whole "grown-up" thing? i don't like it. i don't want to be a kid, (well, OK, sometimes i do)but a simpler, easier time would be nice. so instead of thinking of all the things i have to be grateful for, all i can think of are:
  • the stress of marriage
  • stress of work
  • stress of my parents getting older
  • feeling like i'm in a rut
  • wishing the whole baby thing was different

most of the time, i'm good with my life. i have a good life, a great husband, wonderful friends both in real time and in cyberland (hi april! hi linda! hi cyn! hi melissa-who-doesn't-think-i-mean-her! hi jolene!). i am blessed beyond reason.

and yet...

well...Ms. Alcott thought November was a disagreeable month. OingoBoingo said "nothing lasts forever." and neither will this attitude.

thanks for riding this out with me.


Melissa said...

Oh, some cyber hugs from me! You really helped me a few weeks ago, so the least I can do is return some!

In the words of Stuart Smalley:

You're good enough, you're smart enough, and doggone it, people like you!

Some of those things stressing you out are good things to be thankful for - like the good marriage and the fact that you have a job when so many don't. Try some gratitude for that (and for living in such a beautiful place) and see how that goes. Start small - you'll get through this!

doodlebugmom said...

And don't you feel better letting it out?

Love ya babe!

Happy November!

Linda :o)

Jolene George said...

November is a wonderful month...a time for counting our blessings and I certainly count you as one of the blessings in my life!...just keep counting and everything gets better. :o)

Paolo said...

Obviously LMA spent at least a portion of her time in Washington, where in Nov., it rains 32 days of the month. Thanks for the Monday morning laughs.... you're a witty writer.