Nov 24, 2006

the rumors are true.

tryptophan really does work.

yesterday, we went to my mom's...bringing dinner from Knott's of course. (funny story about picking up our dinner...more on that later) oh, and a bottle of pinot grigio. yum.

Husband & i carved up the turkey after we got it home, before we headed over the overpass & through the counties. i made fresh whipped cream and creamed corn (yum! the only good thing i ever got from my soon-to-be-ex-sister-in-law) and brought it all over to mom's.

after eating, we headed into the living room for a traditional TV watching: James Bond movies on SpikeTV...then headed home.

where we promptly fell asleep on the couch & recliner under flannel rag quilts. we both slept till midnight, where we decided to go to bed.


i eschew the Black Friday sales. going out into that kind of insanity just makes me want to hurt someone...either myself or them, and i ain't a-goin' to jail for them. so, Husband & i spent a lazy morning with breakfast & coffee with the oh-so-yummy CoffeeMate Peppermint Mocha.


i also finished 25 Christmas cards. i'm not nearly as talented or productive as Jolene, but i like 'em. pictures will come in the next issue.

did i also mention i played hooky Tuesday? went to the [Happiest ] Merriest Place on Earth with Kristie & her kids. love, love love that place. even as cranky as i get, that place never fails to put me in a good mood.

oh, and they also make a dang good peppermint mocha coffee.

i also found out that on New Year's eve, one of the restaurants in the Park is offering a really yummy dinner of steak & seared lump crab cakes. best.meal.evah!
however, i will not participate...we did New Year's out there one year with friends of ours, and it was, without a doubt, the most horrible experience of my life. way too many people and way too much insanity.

besides, our tradition for New Year's eve, going back to our dating days, is going to a Benihana-style restaurant. Husband actually had planned on proposing at one, but got cold feet when one of the other women sitting at our table had the biggest mouth ever. totally a loudmouth.
ended up waiting until midnight while watching Dick Clark...and i was playing solitaire on the computer.

so romantic.

but once again...i'm all over the highway. and not using my turn signal. like most other Californians.

here's hoping your holiday was everything you wanted it to be.

oh - and only 30 more shopping days until Christmas.


april said...

sounds like a fabulous Thanksgiving! :)

Jolene George said...

Your Thanksgiving sounds I'll wait for the added story.
You are VERY sweet!