Nov 20, 2006

just another happy day in paradise...

a blow-by-numbing blow of the day:

Today is the day Husband has not one, but three interviews. One @ 8, 9:30 & 1:30. Wife is against the 8am interview...has been trying to talk Husband into cancelling it, but Husband is convinced he can pull all three off.

Husband leaves @ 6:30 to drive down 30 minutes. It's drive time, so it makes sense.

Wife leaves also @ 6:30 to head to work.

7:25 - Husband calls Wife, mad as hell because the traffic is an utter & complete nightmare. He's only driven 5 miles.

7:35 - Husband calls Wife again. Twice as mad as hell. He is no closer than he was before.

7:45 - Husband calls Wife again. He is speechless with rage. He's no closer than before. He decides to call 8am interview to cancel. Problem: the company's headquarters is in Ohio. They will not give Husband a local number to reach anyone. He ends up calling Ohio, to relay the message to the local office.

8:00 - 8am interview calls Husband again. They insist on meeting with him today. They understand his 2nd appointment is @ 9:30 and will get him out in time.

8:10 - Husband arrives at appointment & is ushered into a conference room.

8:15 - Husband waits.

8:25 - Husband waits.

8:30 - Still waiting.

8:31 - Checks watch. Waits. Wonders if the office held a fire drill & everyone has left the building.

8:32 - Drums fingers impatiently on table.

8:35 - Leaves the office. Cannot find anyone to let them know that he has to leave to make another appointment. Decides they were all abducted by aliens. Calls Ohio to leave them a message.

9:00 - Calls Wife to vent frustration.

9:30 - Husband has two of three interviews. It goes well.

11:00 - Leaves interview, changes clothes. Has lunch. Relaxes. Heads over to interview 3 of 3.

1:30 - Meets Big Wigs for 3rd interview. This is the job he really wants. The president of the company leaves the interview by telling Husband "I'm looking forward to working with you."
Final word should come down next week.

7-3:30 - Wife works. Company has become a stand-alone company. Had a flag lowering/raising ceremony.

3:31 - Wife hauls butt out of work to head over to hair appointment.

3:45 - 5:25 - Wife gets hair fixed. Looks right purty, too.

5:26 - Wife leaves salon, exhausted by work, and Husband's problems. Wants a drink, but realizes there is no more beer in the house. Is there tequila? Yes, but shooters are out of the question (no limes) and no mix to make margaritas.

5:50 - Wife arrives at home, Husband suggests they go out for pizza. Wife takes the offer.

7:30 - Husband & Wife arrive back at casa. Husband is in recliner, cat on his lap, snoring coming out of his mouth. Cat seems to be OK with it.

8:00 - Wife watches Good Eats. Realizes how much she LOVES Alton Brown. He cooks.

8:30 - Wife decides to blog day's events and bore to tears her readers.

8:56 - Wife calls it a night. Husband still snoring. Cat seems to be OK with it.


Kenny said...

Wow! What a day. Appendages are crosed for the right job for hubby! And a big ol' AMEN on the comment you left me!

doodlebugmom said...

Any word on the huuby job?

april said...

you're a goon!! glad the interview he likes went well! :)