Feb 28, 2008

the saga continues...


just when you think it couldn't get worse....you get to work and open up your email.

myself, and the rest of the management team, got an email this a.m. from the paging department in Valley Forge. to paraphrase, they reminded us that we still had 23 ads in waiting for the section of the book paging today.

and then actually had the cahones to ask if we weren't working the waiting reports, designed to clear said pages.


we were all up in arms. but, feeling we didn't have a leg to stand on, because yes we have messed up lately, we sucked it up.

but we were pissed.

me especially.

i found myself later in the manager's office (calm down, just talking, i'm not in trouble) and venting again (i had said the same thing to my supervisor just an hour earlier).

i'm not paranoid. but kids, this sniping is nothing more than them venting because we came out there to try & help them, and instead the office eventually was closed. see? they say. you're not as big as you think you are. you can't even get our stuff clear and WE got CLOSED.

do not get me started again on that whole fiasco of the months we all spent there.

and my manager agreed with me.

dang. i feel good! i'm not paranoid, so i won't be in the local state hospital wearing a 'hug me' jacket.

oh, and did i also mention the conversation my supervisor had with me? no? well, file this under the 'what the $%&*#$!!' department.

'can we talk?' he says.

'yeah, what's up?' thinking, oh mercy. what have i done now?

'um....you're gonna hate me.'

not yet. but the day is still young, i think.

'can you cancel your vacation next month?'


my vacation. my trip. to see Keith.

i don't hate you. i may just have to maim you and slash yer tires.
(ed. note: we at *random thoughts do not, under any circumstanced condone violence. unless it's for revenge and you're absolutely positive you can get away with it.)

um. no. sorry, i say. i have an nonrefundable air ticket.

which i do.

oh, he says. then never mind. it's just that we're gonna be so busy then, and...

dude. we are gonna be so busy then, and after that, and after that...and besides, if i do not go, my sister in law will be out cash, as will i.

so, after that major heart attack-slash-stroke, all is well in LotusLand.

for now.

oh, and by the way. my manager called the other publishing office, the one that sent the rude email? she read them the riot act, and they actually had the cahones to say 'i offended people with my email? why good golly, i don't see how!!'

it's no wonder i'm nucking futz.


doodlebugmom said...


work stinks!

Tug said...

I'm with you sweetie...only I hate my 'boss' & the rest of the company (for the most part) is awesome. Hang in there, ENJOY your vaca!!

have we heard any more on the interviews?