Feb 23, 2008

happy dance time!!

holy freaking crap. i'm about to wet my chonies.
what - too much information? again??
that is Keith Urban. second only to Donny in my book for talent and sheer yummy factor.
and i have a date with him.
oh fine. so i'm in a group date with 50,000 screaming chickies. with a scattering of men. but daaaaaaang.
i'm gonna go see Keee-thhhh, i'm gonna go see Keee-thhhh!
i just bought my air ticket, and, next month, my butt is on a plane to Reno, then my sister-in-law and i are off to Sacramento.
to see Keith.
and while i'm sorry that Maureen's original date had to bow out, well...
i'm not all that sorry.
and Jax, i know - you think he's greasy. but i don't care.
i'm seeing Keith next month.


Pat said...

Oh no you are not! Throw some lacy ones on the stage for me! LOL!

doodlebugmom said...

I am so jealous! I will expect lots of pictures and a full report :o)

Tug said...


And pictures...I want to see pictures.


Mary Ann said...

OH ya, you gotta throw some on the stage! Lacy, skimpy, edible, whatever. You just gotta do it!

Anonymous said...

As far as I'm concerned, you can talk about Keith everyday, all day, anytime! I wanted to clarify, that I bought those tickets without a confirmed date in mind... However, I felt obligated to offer up the occasion to my "regular" concert buddy... she is tight on funds and couldn't make the trip. So my next thought was... Aunt Valerie has never been and since she's one of my closest friends, as well as my brother's wife, she is the natural choice. So WOO-HOO, I'm glad you can make the trip and am looking forward to sharing my boyfriend with you!

So keep on talking anout it! I will be until my husband and family get sick of me too!
Love ya!

skrpndiva said...

I never said he was greasy! I just don't think he's all that and a bag of chips like everyone else does. That being said, he most definitely is one of the nicer looking country boys!


Susie Q said...

Go for it...do it...wanna borrow some of mine to throw at him too? He is rawthur nice to look at. : )

You will have a blast!!

Love ya,