Feb 12, 2008

never EVER mess with a Fat Girl's Dessert -OR- how to piss off your spouse in one easy step!

the anger has abated.


but i still need to hurt him.

who? the Husband.

why? he threw out my newly made bread pudding.

my Weight Watchers bread pudding.

and holy crap, was it goooooood. not only that, it took me over an hour to put together and bake.

it's all i could think about today. 'i'm gonna go home, and get me some way super yummy only four points bread pudding.'

i walked into the kitchen and i saw the dead body, er, pan in the sink.

with water in said pan. i really considered scraping the watery remains off the edges and eating 'em.

it's gone. it is not in another pan. it is not in a bag. it is nowhere to be found in the refrigerator.

it is not there, Sam-i-Am.

i don't know why it got tossed. it was good. it was WAY good. it was crusty. it had wonderful leftover potential.

Kristie, when i called her, and also shared the opinion that he.must.DIE, suggested that maybe he ate it all. duuuuude. if he did, i AM nasty enough to hope that he got a belly ache to beat all belly aches, since there was 3/4s of the pan left.

clearly, i'm not over it.

luckily for him, he's at school tonight. my wrath will fade with time.
unluckily for him, we're camping with Kristie and the kids this weekend.
in Baker.
in the desert.

accidents do happen. and he is insured.

guys - let this be a lesson to you. never. under any circumstances. should you mess with your wife's desserts.

they might be dieting, and PMSing (sorry, only one of those two applies to me) at the same time.
and you might suddenly find yourself camping in the desert.


Melissa said...

I HATE when that happens.

He'd better watch his back.

Tug said...

OK, seriously - it was SO good he ate it all?

or he's dead?

I must know...

I'm so sorry. ((hugs)) for you & bread pudding.

Pat said...

I have just one word for hubby.....

(sorry about your sweets!)

Anonymous said...

How dare he!


Jeff said...

Bread pudding! I'll hold him for you! I love bread pudding!