Feb 1, 2008

there's a reason why it's the Happiest Place on Earth.

Disneyland, unless you are from Uranus, is known as the Happiest Place on Earth.

*snicker. i said Uranus.*

and probably called that because they can get dang near $3 for a diet Coke.

duuude. that's just wrong.

but yeah, i did buy some. well...only one.

it was overcast, it was cold (the weather. not the Coke. well, wait - it was cold, too.)and it was packed. but at least it was comfy packed.
which means the longest time we waited for a ride was 25 minutes. which is niiiiice.

and yes, we did go on Nemo Submarine Voyage. it was OK. not take my breath away, this is the most amazing thing EVER. but still cool.

just keep swimming.

it's what we waited 25 minutes for. which was fine, because for most of the day it was an hour wait to get on this ride.
we just happened to catch it just as they reopened the ride after it sorta, kinda broke down. and i would so NOT want to be on a submarine stuck in a lagoon, even if you really aren't as deep as you feel like you are.

these two are in the middle of the lagoon. and yes, they do say 'mine!'

you should know this. it started the Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday night.

and some of the most amazing landscaping ever.

that's the Matterhorn. to the right is what used to be the Rocket Jets, before they moved 'em to the front of the entrance of Tomorrowland. and that handsome devil in the tan jacket is some guy i know.

the mill at Pirates Lair at Tom Sawyer's Island.

OK. there's more, but Blogger doesn't want to add more. whatever.

we had a blast. we SO did NOT eat WW sanctioned food. but! we did a ton of walking, so that makes up for it, right?


so on Thursday, i get this email from Maureen...my sister-in-law:

And you are SO in trouble! Whaddaymean you're off to Disneyland? Dean is jealous and mad at you, not to take away from your day or anything....

But as he left for the bus stop this morning, he kept muttering, that's not fair, Aunt Valerie and Uncle Brendan shouldn't go without me....they won't have as much fun without me... I asked him why? He responded, I'm a kid and they would have WAY more fun with a kid then going by themselves.... I said, Well maybe, but they are allowed to have there own fun and besides, I'll bet if we lived near them, they would take you.... Mommy, LET"S MOVE! and off he went.....

Boyo - if you were down here, you betcha you & your sister would be going with us. and i would've had more fun than humans are allowed to have.

and you would eat all the cotton candy your tummy could handle.

just don't tell your mom.


Allison said...

Yep. Still jealous.

Tug said...


And the music? BAY CITY ROLLERS - SATURDAY NIGHT. OMG. The memories of that song...


Anonymous said...

Why is it that I don't get that excited by Disneyland anymore? I mean, don't get me wrong, I enjoy going, but it's lost some of its luster. Meghen and I much prefer SeaWorld.


Pat said...

I. am. jealous. !

Susie Q said...

I am just as jealous as your nephew!!

I so want to go back...I am such a huge kid. And I would so love to see
the seagulls saying MINE, MINE!!!