Feb 6, 2008

pump up the stomach, pump it upppppp.


it all starts tomorrow.

a new era in husband/wife relations.


we have been together for 10+ years - and i can count on one hand (just a few fingers) how many times he's cooked for me.

actually, i think only once. and it was for Valentine's.

but tomorrow. it all begins.

i'm going to a scrapbooking class that i booked before the layoff. it starts at 6, and i suggested he cook dinner.


dude. all you have to to is follow the receipe.

and with that, i handed him the cookbook, told him what page it was on and where he could find the ingredients i purchased.

it could be a red-letter day in the O'Mahony household. not only am i making this:

but i'm having dinner cooked for me.

now if only i could get a massage.

updates tomorrow.


Pat said...

Oh my - good luck!
My hubby claimed not to know how to cook, but he's since taken over the family dinners on Sunday, and he's now doing it better than I did!
(If I'd have known he could do that, I'd have put him to work ages ago!) LOL!

Melissa said...

Jason could cook for me much more often than he does, I just forget to ask him!

Have fun at your class!

Tug said...

He's not going to screw it up just so you never ask him again, is he?

doodlebugmom said...

Nice =)