Feb 10, 2008

i really need some therapy.

it occured to me, late last night, that i.am.weird.

and the Greek chorus said 'aMEN.'

let me back up, and give some more info.

Thursday night was my class, and i didn't want to go.

this whole week at work has been horrible.
late nights. early mornings.
Thursday was no exception. i normally work till 3:30, this night i left @ 5pm.

i asked Brendan to make dinner.

and just as i was pulling into our parking, he calls me and suggests i get something on the way to the class. which would be great, except now it's 5:30, and i still have to pack up my tools AND the store is about 25 minutes away.

oh. goody.

so on my way to the store, i really wonder why i'm doing this. i'm tired. i'm stuck, because i've paid for the class, so i'll get the kit, but dang.


i am way too tired for this.

and i argued myself right into the store's parking lot.


the class was great. i told Brendan when i got home (in between eating my dinner two hours later) that if nothing else, it was worth it just to learn how to use the Zutter.

then, i had a brilliant idea.
i'll make a mini acrylic album for one of the members of our work birthday dinner group, whose niece had a baby last year.

it turned out mighty cute, if i do say so myself.
and instantly i wondered what the heck i was doing.

while i love kneeling at the altar of our Lady of the Most Blessed Paper Crafting, i realize it ain't for everyone.

and this woman, the great aunt of said baby, doesn't go for crafting. which, again, is fine.
but she's an Eeyore in human skin.
nothing makes her happy. ever.

you know that old saying, 'if you can't say anything nice, come sit next to me?' yep, that's her. she will snipe on and about everything, and i wondered why i was setting myself up for it.

she'll never say anything to me. that would be impolite. but if she doesn't like something, she'll talk.

just not to your face.

and here i am, setting myself up for hell. tormenting myself by wondering what she's gonna say about it.

how dumb is that?

why am i not able to stop thinking about that? about a situation that has a chance, albeit as slim one, that it may not happen at all? that perhaps, just perhaps...she'll speak well of it to both sides of me.

my face AND my back.

see? therapy. i needs me some.


Susie Q said...

Shock? Massage? Art? I KNOW I need something...now, do not leave us hanging like this!

Love ya,

Melissa said...

Speculating. I specialize in it.

We should sign up for therapy sessions together. Maybe we could get a "friends and family" discount.

Pat said...

Honey, don't waste your talents on her - you can make one for me and I promise I will love it!!!

Steff said...

It has been so long...can I still comment here?!

Doing something nice for someone is never a weird thing to do! And it doesn't make you in need of therapy either! I have a friend that isn't crafty either, but I love to make her stuff. She always seems appreciative. I just try to make it 99.9% complete. All she has to do is stick the photos into the photo corners and she's good to go. I'm sure the mini album you're making for her will be wonderful and even if she has the paper crafting skills of a sea monkey she'll appreciate the thought behind the gift. And if she doesn't...well shame on her.

On another note, I love those letters at the top of your blog. I need to make me some of those! :)

doodlebugmom said...

Sorry you had a bad week, glad the class was super, Eeyore in human skin -love the analogy!

Keep it for yourself, or give it to someone that will appreiate it.

What happened to the Bman cooking for you?

Jolene George said...

What...no pictures of your cute project.
People like that make me nuts. Steering clear of them is my best advise.

Tug said...

Do what you do for YOU. Who cares what she thinks - especially if she's like that? You made it for her, YOU loved it, let.it.go. Hopefully she'll bring a 'Pooh just found the honey' smile, but if not?


You're SO much better than that!

Jeff said...

If you need therapy then I have a padded room with my name on it. Sorry I haven't been around your blog for a while. I have been in my own head whirl wind.