Feb 26, 2008

from the fly on the wall...

(or how Valerie was a smart-ass. again.)

the other day at lunch, we were having a rather animated discussion on our fearless youth.

our own. not the nation's.

you know...things we did when we were younger that now we shake our heads at and wonder how it was we weren't killed.

so as the conversation progressed, we reminisced about road trips we took. by ourselves. with no cell phones. about chances taken that we never would chance again. and in the conversation, one of our lunchmates mentions how she drove out to the desert.

by herself.

to find a guy.

that she had a crush on.

and surprise him.


then, somehow, the conversation changed (we do that a lot) to...online dating. and the same girlie says that a guy she's talking to overseas wants her to get a webcam.

and yes, probably for what you're thinking.


she says, 'i told him i didn't want to get one. i just don't think it's cool to watch while you chat.'

um, wait?

so Yours Truly says - 'wait. you won't get a webcam but you'll drive out to the desert to find a guy you were interested in.'

one of these days...i'll learn.


Melissa said...

Ha ha - sometimes, folks just can't see the forest for the trees, can they?

Or, the webcam for the desert?

Pat said...

Oy - that girl needs a clue! (or a bodyguard!)...it takes all kinds...

Susie Q said...

Oh my...I say get a web cam and place it in the desert...I have no idea why. Just never know what may pop up exciting to watch. Might see some men trolling for women trolling for men...Gee, no one ever asked me to use a web cam...are they telling my something?? Are they?? Yeah, yeah..
We all did some foolish things as younger ones but some did more foolish things than others!

Love ya,