Feb 22, 2008

bless you.

bad cold.
head hurts.
too much snot.
(too much information?)
lotsa NyQuil.
Husband getting it now.
i'm not popular.

(speaking of, he's going back for a second interview as we speak. more info...)


doodlebugmom said...

Bless you!

Get well soon!

Tug said...


Tell him it's payback for throwing away the bread pudding.

Then tell him YAY for 2nd interviews!!

katarinasmama said...

Feel better...at least its the weekend and you can hunker down in bed and watch all the bad TV you want to!

Pat said...

Oh no! that sure seems to be going around. My hubby has been hacking his brains out all week.
Get some rest honey!

P.S. I love your tunes! I turn them on to do my "walkies" every day and they really help keep my energy up!

Mama P said...

Noooo!!!!!! yOU HAVE IT TOO!!!!!

Audrey said...

Cute blog. Hope you're all feeling better soon.