Mar 1, 2008

random nuttiness - now with 45% more nutz!

strap in. i'm going all over the place this a.m.

  • yesterday at work was much better. although i did find out that i'm gonna have to train a real (pardon the expression) numbnutz to help with my job. he's a schmo, we don't get along and he has no motivation to go above and beyond what is required of him. you know, like half of America.
  • Carrie Underwood is just the cutest thing, dang it.
  • we are switching Weight Watchers meetings to Saturday, neither of us like the new leader on Sundays, way too perky. not only that, but i get irritated at leaders who have lost only 25 pounds and are now at their goal weight. i don't begrudge any weight loss, but i feel more affinity with someone who, like me, has a buttload of weight to lose.
  • pun intended.
  • George Clooney is also pretty yummy.
  • ditto Keith. like i had to say that.
  • nerve wracking is making this mini brag necklace for my mom. it uses the index prints from your Costco photos. yep. that small. the Husband even says 'is it supposed to be that small?' shaddup. you know nothing about art.
  • Girl Scout cookies rock. especially Thin Mints in the freezer, a nasty habit i got from my Grandma Dodie.
  • Brendan's Adventures in Unemployment may be coming to an end as soon as Monday. he interviewed at a printhouse about five minutes from our casa, and this owner really like Brendan and what he had to say, suggestions, etc. they're meeting to talk about money, benefits and all that fun stuff. prayers, por favor.
  • a job would be nice, since we have yet to get any money from the Great State of California. see, at first, they were 'concerned' about Brendan attending school, they seemed to think that would keep him from accepting a position. so, when he recontacted them, they said they were still 'evaluating' his case.
  • yesterday he got another form from them.
  • oh and he got hit yesterday. had pulled out of his parking spot, and was driving in the parking lot, when a retired cop backed out of his spot and whacked him good. no damage to Husband, a nice whack on the truck. we already have the body shop selected and he's taking it Monday.
  • have you been to Tara's home? she is so beyond talented as a photographer, i just wanna be like her. her photos of her kiddos just amaze me.
  • been tagged by my SusieQ - look for it on the next installment of *random thoughts.


Tug said...

Pretty newness here!

Much luck to hubby...and frozen thin mints, crushed up on top of ice cream. NUMMERS!! Probably not weight watcher approved...shit.

Melissa said...

I'm crossing my fingers AND my toes that he gets this job!

I wish I could go to WW on Saturdays - or just in the morning, for that matter. My meeting is the only one in town, in a church gym. I hate having to work all day and delay dinner by two hours just to go. I could drive to another location, I guess, but the only one with a "real" WW center is half an hour away. Not going to happen!