Mar 21, 2008

hold on now.

it was a simple news blurb yesterday.

a woman, shopping at a K-Mart here in Mostly Smoggy So. Cal., was approached by one man, offering to sell her a gold bar. another guy came up and said 'oh yeah, it's real, blah, blah, blah...'

they convinced her to go to the bank and withdraw her life savings - $9000.

surprise!! it was a fake.

now - while i feel horrible that this woman lost that much money, i still gotta say: if you're doing your shopping at K-Mart, you shouldn't expect to get a killer deal on gold bars in the parking lot.

just a thought.


doodlebugmom said...

hmmmm from me too!

Susie Q said...

My goodness there are a lot of silly people in the world. Oh, if she was smart, she would get an email account so people could send her millions that way!! Why, just today I won 5 different lotteries in Europe!! And 3 people in Africa want to give me millions too! I am soooo rich now. All I have to do is send my credit card number and my bank account numbers...then riches are mine!! I am so glad I am not silly like THAT woman.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Why, in this day and age, would you believe anything anyone came up to you and said in any parking lot?

I'm just sayin'.


Melissa said...

I always am torn when I hear stories like this - part of me is sad for the person who got "taken," and part of me wonders what in the world they were thinking.

Tug said...

So did they catch the guys? And what kind of bank would let someone withdraw their life savings without a couple questions? very sad.

Mary Isabella said...

I want to run around outside barefoot also but it is too cold here still to do that....