Mar 3, 2008

would you rather have a Buick or a job?

or both?

personally, i'll take Rock & Roll for $300, Alex.

so the truck went in to the body shop today.
then the adjuster mentions that possibly the insurance won't pay for the body work, because the truck is older.


so we've said a silent prayer that the insurance finds it in their hearts to fix said car.

i'm not in the mood for car payments. neither is he.

he also met with the owner of the possible job today. they discussed what they both want from the position. they're meeting again this Thursday.

and we got the rental.

it's a Buick LaSauer. a V6, which has nice pickup.

very. nice. pickup.

so Brendan took me for a drive. i said we should drive down to Leisure World (a retirement community down here) and go trolling for babes.

grandma babes, but babes nonetheless.

this is one sweet ride. really. either that, or dang it, i'm older than i thought.

or both.


Anonymous said...

I've rented one of those... it's not that you're older, it's just that you've wised up to c.o.m.f.o.r.t and more importantly, YOU JUST DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS ABOUT YOUR RIDE anymore. I find that I don't care and maybe that it's because we are older, but I'll take a comfie ride with pick up over something that looks good and rides like a tank... Perhaps we have gone full circle.... Who are we really impressing? But like Uncle David says... "You aren't sucessful in life until you have a care with an arse warmer".. I believe him...

we are counting down to your visit.

Enjoy the Buick.... just not in Europe (if you know what I mean)


Tug said...

So I thought if you paid for insurance, it covered what you paid for.?? Was it wrecked badly enough that they'd total it? Wow.

Much luck to Brendan - meeting with the owner & a follow-up sounds good...